Optimize Your Recovery & Find Relief with
Therapeutic Exercise!

How You May Benefit From Therapeutic Exercise:

  • Release contracted muscles, tendons, and fascia
  • Mobilize joints
  • Improve circulation
  • Enhance coordination
  • Reduce rigidity
  • Improve muscle strength

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What Can Therapeutic Exercise Treat?

Rehabilitative exercise is considered active care, and it is an integral part of getting patients back to the pre-injury status. However, we also understand our limits as well. There are going to be few patients who, despite all the conservative measures exhausted, will have symptoms that persist. At Live Well Chiropractic, we offer in our facility a free fitness assessment and personal training session with exercise training and recommendations for anyone interested in beginning to exercise or advancing what they may already be doing. Therapeutic Exercise may help the following injuries:

How Therapeutic Exercise Works

Evaluating the body and your ability to move is a crucial part of your assessment since it can reveal the underlying issue. Rehabilitative exercise focuses on the body’s ability to move freely without pain. If you want to get the most out of our exercise program, you need to learn the exercises and practice them at home.

Patient receiving Therapeutic Exercise in Hendersonville for pain relief

Improvement is ongoing when you are consistent and choose to invest time and energy into exercise. To learn more about rehabilitative exercise at Live Well Chiropractic in Hendersonville by giving us a call today at (615) 265-9020.

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