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How You May Benefit From Trigger Point Therapy:

  • Eliminates tight bands and muscles
  • Reduces headaches and muscle tensions
  • It improves range of motion and flexibility
  • It helps improve posture and relieves pain
  • It reduces and even eliminates the need for pain medications and opioids
  • It helps improve blood circulation

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What Can Trigger Point Therapy Treat?

A trigger point is a sore point in a muscle; it can be highly uncomfortable and painful when you push or press. That painful spot is also known as a knot. They are extremely sensitive and cause pain in different body parts, such as the neck, shoulders, back, and skeletal muscle. They can be caused by an injury, too much usage of muscles or too little, or even poor posture. This is where trigger point therapy comes in. Trigger point therapy is an alternative medicine focused on detecting and releasing trigger points to improve:

How Trigger Point Therapy Works

Trigger point has been around since the 1940s when Dr. Janet Travell first coined the words trigger points. She treated President Kennedy's back pain. Since then, it became popular, and many specialists have adopted and studied the theory.

Patient receiving Trigger Point Therapy in Hendersonville for pain relief

There are two trigger points active and passive. The active trigger point refers to pain in another part of the body. If someone presses a trigger point on the shoulder, you may feel pain in the shoulder and symptoms in the chest. Meanwhile, passive trigger point would hurt at the exact location. The goal is not simply to eliminate trigger points but how to manage painful trigger points.

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